Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Come so far, got so far to go

by Rachel

So it's my first blog post, yay! As my second full month as a CCI here at the CPDC (we love our acronyms!) draws to a close, I've been reflecting back on how far I've come.  Today, at the suggestion of one of the career consultants, I made a spread sheet to keep track of how many appointments and what type of appointments I've had so far.  I've only been seeing students on my own for two weeks, but I've already had 9 students! Then I counted up the resumes I reviewed before the Fall EOC, and realized I had reviewed 17 in the month of September.  It seems with every appointment something comes up that I'm not entirely sure of the answer, but I'm starting to realize that this isn't a job that I could learn from a book or from power points; at a certain point you have to jump right in and learn baptism by fire style.  Looking at these numbers, I realize that while I still may have a lot to learn, what I have learned is starting to weigh heavier on the scales.

While I'm helping to guide students on their way to having successful careers, I'm also realizing this internship is helping me develop my own career.  An area I've always struggled is asking for help when I've needed to. I'm learning, especially in the career field, that there's always someone that can help you come up with another resource and a different angle to look at a student's issue from.  Even with everyday tasks, I have umpteen great resources right outside my door to help me expand my knowledge.  Even if career services isn't the direction that I ultimately go in student affairs, the skills I'm developing in this office will help me wherever I go.

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